Hello! My name is Code Zealot (Tyler W. Phass; IRL). I am thrilled to share that The Tome of Zeal, the ultimate resource for aspiring developers and coding enthusiasts has launched its exclusive early access program!

Check out the video below for a preview of the upcoming online learning platform that I am building!


A preview of the design prototype for the upcoming Tome of Zeal online learning platform!

Receive Expert Mentorship From a Self-Taught Developer

Your Tome of Zeal coding journey will be guided by me, an experienced developer and mentor passionate about sharing his knowledge.

Benefit from my real-world expertise and inspirational journey as a self-taught developer who went from knowing nothing about coding to working on projects for major brands, such as, Colt, Toyota, NVIDIA, and Instacart. And the best part about it is, I never had to spend the time and money on getting a Computer Science degree.

I am currently a Senior Software Developer at QRC Technologies and the Founder and Lead Designer/Developer of Code Zealot Studios LLC, my own business that is officially partnered with Minecraft and Microsoft!

My business, Code Zealot Studios LLC, is an Official Minecraft Partner!

If you are interested (and love Minecraft like me!), you can check out my former YouTube channel where I taught programming concepts in Minecraft, as well as my studio's Minecraft Marketplace Products.

Elevate Your Career

Did you know that changing careers to programming and web development can open doors to lucrative opportunities, potentially earning you six figures? Join the ranks of skilled developers who have revolutionized their lives through coding.

Figures represent data collected from ZipRecruiter on March 29 2024.

Some Things Others Have Said About Me

Logdotzip | Minecraft Youtuber

As former Project Manager and Lead Developer for Logdotzip / Dotzip Developments LLC, Ty AKA Code Zealot used his background in Fullstack Development to create quality content for our YouTube channels and our Minecraft Marketplace products. He was able to train and teach new developers complex, programming concepts in an easy to understand way. We would recommend his services to those who are zealous to learn about code!

Bionic | Minecraft Youtuber

Code Zealot was easy to work with. Clear communication, and on time. From my experience, he’s committed to make sure you are more than happy with the product created!

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