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We believe that learning should be accessible to all, which is why we're excited to offer you our FREE minicourses. Whether you're an aspiring developer or coding enthusiast looking to learn some new skills, we have something for you.

The Linux Command Line for Beginners

Boost your productivity by mastering the basics of the Linux Command Line!

Have you ever wondered how programmers interact with their computers through a mysterious black screen? Discover the power of the Linux command line with our "Linux Command Line for Beginners" minicourse. Whether you're a curious tech enthusiast or aspiring sysadmin, this course will introduce you to the fundamental commands and concepts of Linux. From navigating the file system to managing files and directories, you'll gain the skills to confidently work in a terminal environment. Let's unlock the full potential of your Linux machine together!

Coding Landscapes

Learn about the various disciplines within the world of programming!

Embark on a high-level exploration of the coding universe, from the frontiers of Frontend Development, where user interfaces come to life, to the depths of Backend Development, where data flows and systems thrive.

Learn about the world of Fullstack Development, which covers both ends of the digital canvas, as well as Native Development, where mobile apps are made!

You will navigate through these disciplines, discovering their unique landscapes, languages, and tools. Coding Landscapes will illuminate the paths of programming for you, empowering you to find some direction regarding your desired path in the vast world of programming.